Pichincha festivals

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Principal Fiestas in Quito

Fiestas de Quito: The foundation of española of the city celebrated for Sebastian of Benalcazar on the 6th of December of 1534, are celebrated the finados in November. The principal attractions of these parties are the bull fights, dances, parades and artistic displays.

Procesion de Semana Santa: A traditional event held in the center of Quito and is famous world-wide for the spectacular cucuruchos, with medieval suits and pointed cone hats of a purple colour.

Fiestas de maiz y del Turismo: In Sangolqui it is celebrated in September, with bull fights, take walks thru the country to see puppets, bands, and town parades. The exact dates will fall in with the weekends.

Fiesta del Chagra: Celebrated in Machachi, you cannot afford to miss this fiesta with interesting art demonstrations and horse riding.This is held in the middle of July and the exact dates coencide with the weekends.

San Pedro and San Pablo: Its celebrated in Cayambe and many others populations on the 28 of June. The difference from the Coastal celebration is iin the Sierra it is celebrated with Fires.  There are Bonfires and the tradicion is to jump over the fires but this can be very dangerous. There is also fireworks, town bands, drinking, etc.

Romeria de la Virgen del Quinche: A very important religious event on the 21 of September. There are very large religious marches from the very devoted form Quito all the way to the poulation of Quinche.