Jungle lodges

Ecuador jungle lodges tours to the Amazon & Choco rainforests

Ecuador jungle lodges

There are several jungle lodges and boutique hotels around Ecuador offering direct access to tropical and sub-tropical rainforests. These rainforest lodges are ideal for launching expeditions into vast areas of wilderness and protected reserves offering sanctuary to endangered species and lands where native indigenous tribes dwell.

Each lodge owns or is located next to a nature sanctuary or wilderness reserve, offers access to trails, oxbow lakes, salt licks, primary and secondary forests. Resident native and naturalist guides assist visitors in exploring the rainforests, teach about natural medicine and local wildlife with a purpose to create a conservational attitude.

We invite you to explore Ecuador´s tropical and subtropical rainforests at one of several lodges in the Amazon, the Andean cloudforests and the Choco rainforest; for a once in a lifetime experience.

We particulary promote Kumanii Lodge which is under our management for marketing, sales and reservations purposes. Kumanii is located in the Choco rainforest, one of the worlds top 10 hotspots, due to the amount of endangered species and the rich biodiversity of the area. The Choco  is one of the wettest places on the planet with the highest level of rainfall anywhere, it also a meca for birdwatchers, at the same time it is one of the areas with highest level of deforestation and in need of protection. This lowland rainforest is home to the Chachi and Afro-Ecuadorian tribes that dwell along the Cayapas river. Kumanii foundation built Kumanii lodge with the purpose of creating a sustainable economy for local natives and encourage protection of the environment. We offer several programs visiting Kumanii lodge, just send us your interests and we will put together a custom jungle travel program.