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In Ecuador kayakers find their biggest problem is choosing which of the dozens of enticing rivers to run in the time they have available.

Ecuador is one of the most fascinating regions on earth. We organize kayaking trips for small groups of paddlers on the thundering rapids of big volume Amazon tributaries and steep upper Andean creeks. Each season we offer new trips based on exploration of new areas and rivers to make the most of Eucador´s waterways. We will enjoy steep creeks in the Andes and small and large volume runs in the rainforest and Pacific coastal lowlands with lots of surfing and playboating.

We have a broad range of options for kayakers from one day to as many as you like. On our longer trips we cater exclusively to small groups of paddlers which are typically from 4 to 12 friends or club members. We customize the itinerary to meet the specific needs of your group. Our exact itinerary will depend on prevailing water levels and your degree of expertise.

We offer trips for beginner, intermediate and advanced level paddlers. The trips are lodge-based and include all transport, meals and shared accommodation. Our team of internationally experienced guides, all qualified whitewater kayak Instructors, are just waiting to introduce you to the paddling gems of Ecuador.

Below is a sample itinerary in the Amazon rivers

Day 1 - Quito

Arrive in Quito. Transfer to hotel. Most flights arrive in the evening. We will be there to pick you up at the airport and take you to the boutique hotel we use while in Quito.

Day 2 - Quito - Papallacta - Jungle lodge - Kayaking

After a breakfast briefing from the trip leader we head over the 13,000' Papallacta pass and drop down into the lush Amazon Basin. At our adventure lodge we will outfit our kayaks, enjoy a hearty meal and head to the river.

Day 3 - Quijos River

We spend all day on the lower Quijos running drop pool rapids in some of the best rainforest accessible to kayakers. Waterfalls abound on the jungle covered cliffs with little evidence of human impact in this spectacular gorge.

Day 4 - Misahualli River

After traveling to the neighboring Napo Valley we paddle the upper Misahualli, a delightful technical run. We'll stay at another riverside lodge nearby the town of Tena so there is ample opportunity for interaction with, or observation of, Ecuadorian life.

Day 5 - Jatunyacu river

Big water play on the upper Rio Jatunyactu and a stop at a jungle tributary swimming hole.

Day 6 - Jatunyacu river

After paddling the lower section of the Rio Jatunyactu we will return to our adventure lodge.

Day 7 - Quijos river

Paddle the famous El Chaco section of the Rio Quijos or the middle section on the Cosonga.

Day 8 - Papallacta hot springs - Quito

Head to Papallacta hot springs to soak in the hot pools and return to Quito in time for a tour of the souvenir markets.

Day 9 - Quito - ?

Head home or continue onto one of our tour extensions into the Choco rainforest or enjoy a Galapagos nature tour or Amazon wilderness expedition

Trip Notes

The above is a sample itinerary prepared for a Kayaking trip. It can be customized to fit the needs and special interests of your travellers.