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Sample itinerary surfing tour

Ecuador Boutique Travel offers different surfing tours along the Ecuadorian coast and in the Galapagos Islands. The coastal side from Salinas up north to Puerto Cayo is a tourist jewel and with good reasons it is called "Ruta del Sol", which means "the route of the sun". Within kilometers and kilometers of shining beaches lie beautiful little fishing villages, where the daily duties offer the charm of traditions.

Montañita beachone of the best spots to surf in South America. This nice relaxed town is perfect for your vacation and to do some surfing. We also offers lessons if you want to learn this cool sport.

Weather conditions and surfing conditions on the coastal area of mainland of Ecuador are primarily determined by ocean currents which change throughout the two main seasons.

El Niño season

The good news is that from December through the end of May the “El Nino” current dominates the “Peruvian or Humboldt” current. This time of year the surf gets big and glassy and Ecuador gets both north and south swells. There are not very strong currents and Ecuador is truly a surfing paradise with light crowds, warm water, no currents and great surf. Do not underestimate the size of the surf on the mainland of Ecuador you may need a board over seven feet for the big days and surf spots like Montanita and Puerto Cayo regularly break boards

Humboldt season

The bad news is that from the beginning of June through the end of October the “Humboldt” current dominates the “El Nino” current, which brings in overcast conditions, onshore winds and colder water along the entire coast of Ecuador. The surf  does get good this time of year but the winds are unpredictable and the weather can be cold and rainy.  The surfing areas south of Manta do get the south swells which are dominant during this time of year. The surfing areas to the north of Manta do not receive much south swell and there are no north swells during this time of year. The Playas area in Southern Ecuador is very good for surfing this time of year since the south swells do it straight on and it does hold the wind. 

Surf Break Description For Ecuador aka Surfing the Central Coast of Ecuador

1 - Playas

Has seven right points. They are all connected and you can get to them by walking up the point at low tide from the town in Playas. The last point is not accessible by walking and it is by far the best. It is called " El Pelado", and its is a grindy right hand point break, with three tuby sections. A world class wave. Its breaks on SW to West swells and is best at low tide.

2 - Salinas

By far the best wave in this area is Shit Bay a grinding, tuby left. Its kinda fickle but when it gets good its all time. It needs a huge south swell and very low tide. Go to the south end of Salinas and try and get onto the MIlitary base. If they won't let you on you can rent boat to take you for about 20 USD. A very thick and voluminous wave that comes from deep water onto a shallow reef.

3 - Montanita

Is by far the most consistent wave on the coast. Its a barreling right hander at low tide, and super fun hot dog wave at low tide. Best on norths, but its also really good on south swells. Best at medium tide, unless the swell direction is just right and then its a heavy barrel wave at low tide. Due to its centralized location amoung a variety of surf spots Montanita is a good place to have as home base. In Montañita your are in good hands with Randy Hood, a Californian who owns a cool little hotel right in front of the Point called " La Casa Del Sol".

4 - Rinconada

A good righthander, much shorter than Montanita but the takeoff is tuby. This place is impossible to find if you don't know the area. Its takes a north swell, with a medium tide, no wind. The swell cannot be too big or too small. The best way to get here to stay in Montanita, and have them take you to the spot. The road is real bad 4x4 only if you can make it. No photo, sorry guys.

5 - Rio Chico

A super left when the conditions are right. It takes a super low tide, Sw to West swell and glassy conditions. Mushy takeoff with an inside tube section. Very nice hotel and restaurant on the point. Look for a sign called Piqueros. Super cool place and a fun wave.

6 - Las Tunas ( Ayampe)

 This is very consistant beachbreak but lacks in shape. It has its days and can be fun when its small but by no means is it world class. Its a good place to go when its flat or small and glassy. The town is called Ayampe and it is 1/2 north of Montanita.

7 - Puerto Cayo

This spot is actually north of the town of Puerto Cayo and is very hard to find. If you dont know where the turn off is you wont find it. Its a world class beachbreak with boardbreaking power and no crowds. It is compared to Puerto Escondido and also known as "The Pipeline of Puerto Cayo". It takes North Swells and low tides and very glassy conditions. The best time of year is January through April.

8 - San Mateo

One of the best waves in the continent, a long wrapping left comparable to Rincon or Chicama. This wave takes Norths from medium to very large, as big as it gets in Ecuador. Its on the South end of Manta, and you can now drive up the coast directly from Montanita. There is no where to eat here or stay so you must stay in Manta or head back down the coast. Well worth the trip it is a great wave.

Surfing the Northern Coast of Ecuador

9 - Canoa

Is a fun beachbreak but far from great even though it has it days. Its a nice beach and always has waves. Its a good place to stop for few days. There are a couple cool places to stay here. The break takes all tides and swell directions.

10 - Mompiche

One of the best breaks in the country. Very good lefthander with a tuby takeoff over very sharp lava rocks. Takes strong north swells and usally has good wind conditions.

Our mainland Ecuador Surf Tours can last several days and divided into three types of surf tours.


An independant Stay package that includes airport transfers only whereby you stay at the Casa Del Sol Surf Resort.

Guided with Montañita as your base

Surf Tour based out of Montanita which covers The Central Coast of Ecuador. Montanita is a grinding right hand barrel that is not only one of Ecuadors premier surf spots but it is centrally located close to great beach breaks, long wrapping points and numerous other spots. During these 7 days surf adventures your surf guide will take you to the best spots considering the tide, wind conditions and swell direction. Most spots are not only almost impossible to find many spots can only be reached by 4x4 and local knowledge is required.


The Other Option is a Flexible Surf tour which covers the entire coast of Ecuador. Depending on swell conditions and the ability and desires of the individual surfers your surf guide will take to the best spots along the coast of Ecuador. This tour starts and ends in the central southern coast and proceeds to central-northern ecuadorarian coast if the swell conditions are out of the northwest. This tour package includes accomodation in the best hotels located close to the surf breaks.

Montanita Based Surf Tour Accommodation:

You will stay at the La Casa Del Sol Surf Resort which is located in front ofthe wave in Montanita. From your room you will be looking down at the lineup. Owned and Managed by Californian Randy Hood, La Casa Del Sol has been serving surfers for over ten years. You can expect morning surf with light off shores and then a trip to other beaches for an afternoon session. There are very some other world class left points in northern Ecuador which only break on very strong norths. Under these conditions your host may decide to travel to these spots and stay in similar hotels.

Our Surfing Tours Include:

  • Airport Transfers
  • Overnight accommodations at the Casa Del Sol Surf Resort or Beach lodges nearby next days surf spot
  • Double occupancy rooms with A/C, Private Bath etc..
  • 4x4 ( Jeep or pickup), with drive, gasoline and toll charges.
  • Surf Guide
  • Breakfast, Lunch and Dinner.
  • All hotel taxes and service charges.

You can add on a trip extension to our eco lodge in the Choco rainforest, an Amazon river trip or a Galapagos surfing tour.